Learn 5 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

If you have a particular topic, subject, or niche that you are personally passionate about, then chances are you blog about it online, or have thought about doing so. Even if you enjoy writing and posting about the subject, why not make some money for doing something you love? Learn 5 ways to turn your blog into a business.

1) Get paid for product placements or endorsements. Some celebrities can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for just tweeting that they personally use a particular product or are having dinner at a particular restaurant or club. If your blog has a steady, serious following, you can start cashing in on your popularity by endorsing particular products.

2) Put up affiliate banner ads. This is somewhat similar to doing product placement and promotion, except that you don’t have to actually endorse anything, keeping your blog objective and neutral. A video game blog might link to titles recently reviewed that are for sale on Amazon or eBay. A blog about the NBA might link to ticket resale sites. Any reader clicking on an affiliate link banner on your site that actually spends a little money winds up sending a percentage of their spending your way.

3) Make your blog a subscription affair. This is something a lot of bloggers try, but few succeed at, so think hard before trying it yourself. If you have a one of a kind voice or point of view, or you offer words and writing that no one else can deliver on your particular blog’s subject, then go for it. If your readers can just turn to a search engine and find similar content for free somewhere else, shy away from this model.

4) Roll out your own brand and merchandise. If your blog is more than a blog and has become its own website and even an Internet destination, then consider opening a store with only branded materials in it. Mousepads, t-shirts, mugs, plushies, bumper stickers: there’s a million things that you can offer with your slogans, imagery and logo that don’t even get made or printed until a customer orders them, meaning you have no physical overhead.

5) Sell ad banners. This is the typical method of revenue generation for a blog, and also among the most reliable methods out there. Fortunately, it can be combined with other methods, although if you do use a subscription method, readers might not want too many ads if any. If your follower base runs from the thousands to the millions, it’s a good chance there’s an advertiser or two with items relevant to your subject material that want to sell to your readers.

Now that you know 5 ways to make money off of a blog consider how you can monetize one you’re already doing regularly, as well as what kind of blog you should consider starting if you’re not doing one already. It can take months of writing posts, along with search engine optimization, before any blog might see the first penny, but sales can be steady for those that stick with it.

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