Black Circus News is Alive!

Hello and the very warmest of welcomes to Black Circus News!

This is just a quick welcome post so we’ll keep it nice and short and introduce ourselves. We are a husband and wife team who wanted a little space on the interweb where we can post articles and information we find that is interesting, informative or just great in general. So really this is going to be quite a mish mash of stuff, but either way we hope that if you find us, you’ll find some little tidbits or gold nuggets of info that you enjoy. So have a browse around and let us know what you think. To give you a taster, we love all things business, Google, arts, books, cooking, marketing and weird science… in fact there’s not much we’re not interested in! All the best and happy reading! Oh, and before we go, we might as well kick things off with this video that we found, which is all about life on mars!


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